(Un)popular Opinions: Episode 2


I know, I know…back so soon with another (un)popular opinion post? While I have a whole bunch of posts saved to my drafts, I haven’t been feeling so inspired to finish them and this kind of post comes a lot more easily to me. So here we go!

1) Anything below 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) is too cold

Blame the Arizona native in me, or the fact that I’ve been living in Arizona for the past 3+ years (after moving away 24-ish years ago) and my blood has thinned out, but I just don’t do temps below 70 degrees. Like, I do, but I’m not happy about them. In Colorado where I grew up, people would full on be wearing shorts if it was 50 degrees (or even colder) in winter. If it gets below 60 here, everyone’s like nah we’re staying inside by the fire. Basically, as where most people think 70 degrees is warm, I think it’s barely warm enough.


Missing dem warm HOT pool days.

Now let’s be clear: Arizona does get temps below 70 for about a month in the winter. We’re not like Florida which is warm all the time basically. The last week in December/first week in January this year was bitterly cold by AZ standards (think low 50s as a daytime high and mid to upper 30s at night) and I was not having it. Fortunately, we got through that and started having highs in the low 70s, which is much more tolerable. Until the cold came back with a vengeance this week. I’m so over winter!

2) I will NEVER watch The Bachelor or shows like it

Obviously, these shows must be popular because they keep coming back, season after season. I can’t help but side-eye people who watch these shows religiously because… c’mon. They’re packed with so much unnecessary drama and stupidity and attention whoring. Sorry, but how is that supposed to be a reality show? Most people don’t find their significant others on a ridiculous primetime TV show, and most people (I hope) don’t act like that IRL.

3) Grain free granola >>> regular granola

I am definitely NOT paleo, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s probably the healthiest of the lower carb diets because it actually encourages eating vegetables and (certain) fruits, unlike keto which is all about those animal fats, which I am so not about. But some aspects of paleo I can get behind, namely limiting grains. I honestly strive to be gluten free as much as possible because it helps my digestion and oftentimes, I’ll take this a step further and seek out grain free products just to try something different.


Trust me when I say this granola is addicting. 

Some of my staple products are grain free, like Siete tortilla chips, LesserEvil paleo puffs (the “no cheese” cheesiness flavor tastes like Cheetos) and even granola. I’ve tried several brands that offer grainless granola, but my favs are Paleonola (the pina colada flavor is the best, but I can only find it online) and Wildway (I’m so pissed the Whole Foods near me stopped carrying this, but the vanilla espresso one is my jam).


My fav way to eat my fav granola: mixed with Sunwarrior vegan protein powder, chocolate chips, blueberries and almond milk.

Maybe it’s just because I’m obsessed with nuts and trail mixes, but grain free granola is so much better than traditional granola made with oats. It’s just more satisfying because it’s got those healthy fats from the nuts, delicious dried fruit with no sugar added and the texture is on point. It is definitely more expensive than most regular granolas, so I plan on trying to make my own at home.


4) Driving on side streets is better than the freeway, even though it takes longer

Before I moved to Phoenix, I drove for maybe half an hour a day. My commute in Tucson was about 15 minutes each way; it was even shorter in Tulsa. On weekends, I would sometimes drive an hour while running errands, or when I would go up to Phoenix to spend the weekend, it would be a 2 hour trip each way. For the most part though, I didn’t do a ton of driving because everything I needed was fairly close.

My first job since moving here was in downtown Phoenix, which is about 35 miles one way from where I live. I did that commute 5 days a week (aside from work from home days) for 6 months and quickly realized that PHX traffic sucks. Like, not as bad as LA but the drivers here are terrible. Getting into an accident with my parents on the 101 last July got me to change my commute habits fast. I used to take the freeways to work to save time but it stressed me out so much with the way drivers behave here. So I started taking the side streets exclusively. While it added some time to my commute (the freeway could take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, side streets were an hour and ten minutes to an hour and a half), it saved me so much anxiety. I still dealt with terrible drivers and traffic, but at least we were only going 45 MPH instead of 70+.


Driving a small hatchback (like Skye the Prius C) feels so much safer on side streets vs. the freeways.

When I started my current job back in December, I was excited because although the distance is roughly the same (about 28 miles each way), going to Scottsdale from where I live would take much less time on the side streets because there just isn’t as much traffic going the same way as me. It now takes me 50 minutes to get to work, pretty much everyday.


Another perk of taking side streets: my gas mileage is so much better (cuz I drive a hybrid bitches!) I’ve gotten in the 70 MPG range before, but usually it’s closer to 60, which is still awesome.

While I take the side streets every morning, I usually do a combo of side streets and the freeway to get home because I’m leaving before rush hour (which basically goes from 3 to 7 pm, ugh) so I’m not as stressed. I do still try to avoid the 101 most days because drivers are the worst on that freeway for some reason. The 202 takes longer (about 45-50 minutes, vs. 35 on the 101) but it’s much less congested, very scenic and more calm.


5) I’m not sure I’m a fan of “natural deodorants”

If you know me, you know I’m into a lot of wellness trends. Some of it comes with the territory of being vegan. I’m always looking for new cruelty-free beauty and hygiene products. For years, I’ve used Dove spray deodorant because it works like a charm. But after hearing about how terrible for your body traditional deodorant is (because of the aluminum), I decided to switch to something more natural.

I’ve tried a handful of brands, including Schmidt’s and Yes To, and while they all smell amazing, they don’t work as well as my old standby. For one, they usually irritate my skin. Schmidt’s was probably the worst for this, as much as I wanted to love it. It left my armpits raw and red, it was terrible. Yes To is in my current rotation, and it’s less irritating but still doesn’t leave my skin as smooth as I’d like. The biggest problem with all of them is that they don’t get rid of the sweat or the smell (TMI). They honestly make my skin feel wetter than before I put it on, which makes me have to reapply, which worsens the irritation.

I really wish I could find a natural spray-on deodorant, because roll-on types have never worked as well for me, even traditional deos. Until then, I’ll just be sweating over here…

Have you tried natural deodorants? Do you prefer freeway or side street driving?