A Day in the Life of Ashley


Hi friends! Today I’m going to be a lil self-centered and share with you a day in the life of Ashley — me! TBH I have always loved reading these types of posts from bloggers because I am kinda nosy and like seeing what other people do in their day-to-day lives.

Most of my weekdays are fairly similar, while my weekends can be totally different depending on the season and even just week to week so I’m going to dive into a weekday so you can see what I’m up to on the daily if you’re interested. I might not live the most exciting life but it’s fun to me to see how my day to day life has changed in just the past few years. I might even do a post comparing them in the future but for now, let’s take a peek at a typical day in my life, aka what I actually did on Wednesday, March 20, along with some Instagram story captures to illustrate.

7:40 am: Wake up. Yes, this is a very specific time but I’ve found that setting my alarm for 7:40 instead of 7:45 gives me so much more time to ease into my day. I actually have two alarms set before this one, but honestly I usually snooze them. The first thing I do is read my devotional. I have a Bible app on my tablet that makes it really convenient and it has a lot of different devotional plans which I appreciate. Afterwards, I hop right out of bed to start my day.

8:00 am: After going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth, I come back upstairs in my room to get ready. Mainly, this consists of working out for about half an hour. I find that moving my body first thing in the AM really sets the tone for my day and keeps me from feeling tired. This is also when I read my emails and check and update social media.




8:30 am: I don’t really get sweaty from my morning workouts because they’re low impact so I get dressed and head back downstairs to do my hair and makeup. I’ve got my routine down so it only takes about 15 minutes. This is mostly my makeup, because honestly I usually just leave my hair as it is, which is wavy. Today, I spent a few minutes pulling my hair into a half bun because it is looking super dry, which means it’s time to wash tonight!


8:55 am: I fill up my water bottle, say goodbye to my mom and my dog and hit the road. I always set up Pandora for music (I listened to the New Alternative station today) and Waze for traffic before I leave.

9:45 am: I usually get to work about a quarter til 10, so about a 50 minute commute each way. I take the side streets in the morning because I’m wary of lingering freeway traffic after the morning rush. I sit in my car for about 10 minutes checking social media/emails, taking car selfies, etc.

image5 (2)

Can’t go wrong with a classic car selfie (feat. my crazy hair).

10 am: I clock in for work a couple minutes before 10 (yes, I have to use a literal time clock to keep track of my hours) and head to my desk. I work in the communications department as the social media specialist for a school district and we have our own office area in the district headquarters which is nice. I mostly only interact with the 5 other people in my department, and they all work full-time hours, so I don’t always see them throughout the day. Today, for example, my boss is out of the office as is one of my other co-workers, so it’s more of a quiet day.

When I get to my desk, I log on to my computer, open up email and the social media scheduling tools I use daily and then map out my day with good old fashioned pen and paper. I find that writing out my tasks for the day keeps me on track, especially since some days there are a lot of post requests coming in. I also use my planner to plan out the week ahead and my non-working hours.

10 am – 2 pm: Work. Honestly, this can change somewhat depending on the day, but mostly it involves a lot of drafting social media posts, finding photos to go with them, scheduling them and getting my boss’ approval to post them. Sometimes, I have a lot of stuff that needs to be posted same day but other times, it’s a bit slower and I have time to catch up and schedule out posts ahead of time.

I got up around noon to refill my water bottle, and I also popped in a piece of gum. For some reason, I’ve gotten into the habit of chewing gum around the same time every work day, which helps kind of break up the day (lol).

2 – 3 pm: After clocking out, I briefly check my personal emails/social media in the car before driving home. I usually take a combination of side streets and the freeway because the side streets can get backed up in the afternoon so it still takes me about 45-50 minutes to get home. I used to take one freeway (the 101, for Phoenix locals) that got me home in about 35 minutes but drivers are THE worst there (plus it was where I was in an accident last summer), so I stopped and now I take the 202 which takes longer but is less stressful.

image1 (1)

My car was so warm when I got in it after work 🙂

3 – 4:30 pm: After getting home and saying hi to my mom and dog, I head up to my room and change into workout clothes. I like to fit in more exercise here as a warm-up for my runs and it helps me stretch my legs after my commute. I also started writing this blog post during that time. My dog Honey comes up to my room to chill, but instead of napping, she ends up staring out the window and barking at people across the street. Typical.

4:30 – 5 pm: I stretch and head downstairs to get ready for my run. I am usually lazy and don’t wash off my makeup before running, but when it gets into the triple digits, I will definitely have to do that again so my face doesn’t melt. My hair’s already up so I leave it as is, sip some water, grab my headphones, lace up my shoes and then head out.

5 – 6ish pm: Run! Lately my runs have been anywhere from 4 to 6 miles, depending on how I feel. Today, I ran 6 miles and felt pretty good. I notice that I tend to struggle mentally at the beginning of runs. It helps to tell myself I only have to run 3 or 4 miles and stop if I’m not feeling it, but by the time I reach 4 miles, I usually want to keep going.


Solid run, more messy hair.

I always walk about a quarter of a mile before my run to warm up, then walk another half mile or so as a cool down.

6:30 pm: After feeding my dog her dinner (boy, does she bark for it!), I go upstairs to stretch my legs. I’ve been putting my legs up a wall for about 5 minutes after every run, which really helps them feel fresh for my next run. This is also when I take my vitamins (Natural Calm magnesium gummies, HUM Nutrition hair and skin gummies) but I recently bought a tiny bottle of Sugarbearhair vitamins to try and I’m obsessed.

6:45 pm: Shower time! Today is a shampoo day. I only wash my hair 1-2x/week, which has been so good for my hair, but my locks are in desperate need of a wash today. On my non-shampoo days, I mostly just rinse off from the run and shave.

image3 (1)

Whyyyyy must these be so expensive?

7 pm: I start thinking about dinner, and finally eat for the first time all day! I honestly don’t get hungry most days until the late afternoon, and since that’s when I’m running, I hold off on eating until after my run. While I think about what to make for dinner, I usually snack on something small. Tonight, it’s a handful of peanuts and chocolate chips, plus a couple of homemade protein bites. I also pour some Amazing Grass greens powder (the holiday cookie flavor, which is incredible) into a water bottle to get some extra veggies in.

7:30 pm: I like to keep my dinners simple and quick, so usually they’re something like a stirfry with tofu, cauliflower rice and a bunch of veggies. Lately, I’ve been loving the gochujang chopped salad kit from Trader Joe’s, which is vegan! I spice it up by adding peanuts (obsessed), cilantro and chopped jalapenos. Tonight, I saute some cilantro pesto tofu from Whole Foods and add it to the salad, along with some fresh mango slices.

image1 (2).png

So simple but so freaking good!

8 pm: Finally time to relax. After washing my face and putting on a face mask (tonight’s choice: Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity mask), I put my legs up on the couch and scroll through social media and catch up on the blogs I follow. Sometimes, I also do some online window/actual shopping from my phone (oops). The TV is on in the background (tuned to Property Brothers on HGTV) but I don’t usually pay attention to what’s on. Except my parents and I got really into The Masked Singer when it was on and watched every week. That show needs to come back!

9:15 pm: Snack time! I always like to have at least a little something before bed, especially since I know I won’t be eating again for another 20 or so hours. I try to have a mix of savory and sweet to keep my tastebuds interested. Tonight, I enjoy a handful of Lesser Evil “no cheese cheesiness” paleo puffs (like Cheetos but healthy and way tastier) dipped in Miyoko’s double cream chive vegan cheese wheel (the best cheese, vegan or non-vegan!) with some roasted seaweed snacks, blackberries and a small handful of macadamia nuts and chocolate chips on the side. I love random snackplates like this!

10 pm: After brushing my teeth, it’s time to go to bed. My parents always tuck my dog into my bed, which is really sweet. Before I turn the lights out, I do another devotional, this time with some brief journaling, and then I do a meditation session on the Headspace app. I didn’t want to spend the $50+ it cost to buy the full version, so I’m really limited on the sessions I can do, but even just a minute or two of meditating helps me get ready to sleep.


The best sleeping buddy. 

10:30 pm: Asleep by 10:30!














Share with me one (or more!) things you do every day! Do you like day in the life posts?